Wednesday 5 June 2013

Cleartone CM-7200 Giveaway.

I am going to give away one of these fine radios to someone, the radio will be:
completely and absolutely free, you only pay for postage.
The one I am giving away is the one I reviewed in my Blog. See POST below for all details on the radio..
Please note the radio is a second hand (used) ex-pmr radio.

Now, here are the rules!!!! 
Firstly you must have PayPal or be able to pay postage by PayPal and also I want you to email me with the reason as to why you should get the radio, not an essay, just a few words.
Secondly, you must have a Ham Radio license, I am unable to give the radio to a person who has no Ham Radio License, I do not think it would be fair to that with actual Ham Radio Operators applying to win the radio.
This is not a joke or anything like that, just send me the details and that will be that…
Email me at:

Winner will be notified on 30th June about postage costs etc and arrangements will be made to get the radio shipped to you. If by chance that the winner changes his/her mind or thinks the postage is prohibitive then the next runner up will be notified.
The radio will not be given away until after the 30th June, I will not end the competition early for any reason, all people who send in a request their names will be put into a hat and my 6 year old grandson will pick out the winner.
One more thing... When the winner receives the radio I would like for them to send me a photo of you with the radio so that I can put up on my Blog...


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