Monday 25 January 2016

Simoco SRM9000 Programming revisited.

A while ago I reviewed the programming software for the Simoco SRM-9000. On that blog I said that I would upload the software so that it would be available to others and they can get their Simoco SRM-9000’s up and running on 4m (or 2m/70cms).

Picture of my 9030 plus control head which I use on my SRM9000 in car on 2m.

So here is a recap of that post:

To program the radios you will have to get the appropriate lead, these can be found on eBay for about £10 or so and of course the software.

You will see a few screen shots of the software screen in action. I have the whole 4m band already programmed in 70.000 to 70.500 in 12.5 KHz steps and power output is 25 Watts High and 5 watts Low. The SRM can only scan a batch of 15 Channels at a time so I have programmed in the most popular 15 Channels, also several more “batches” of 15 channels can be programmed in to cover a various Pick and Mix to suit, these “Scan Bands” can be named i.e.: Scan1, Scan2 etc. or whatever you like and when the radio is in Scan mode the Scan band required can be changed by the Channel up and down buttons.
The Memory/Call channel button I have programmed to my local net frequency which is 70.400, this puts the radio on a handy “near” middle of the band, to access channels that are not in the “SCAN” batch all I have to do is press the Channel Up/Down buttons to get to where I want to transmit. The Squelch Level can be adjusted up and down with these same buttons, or turned down and off completely if I want to hear a very weak signal.

If you need a copy of the FPP V5.01 software please feel free to download from:

This programming software will NOT run on windows 7, 8 or 10.

If you need further assistance please email me:

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