Tuesday, 19 June 2012

EI4FMG Audio sorted.

I was up at EI4FMG site yesterday evening and now have the audio sorted, both the RX and TX audio are now at a level that are not distorting, also I now have remote access to the computer that runs EI4FMG and I can now adjust any audio settings from my home QTH, this will make things very handy for me in the future.
At the minute live streaming via the internet is not available but should be back up and running over the next while.
Ongoing tests are showing that the gateway has a far better coverage that what we hoped for..

Do not forget,Node number: 57006, frequency is 70.350 NFM simplex and CTCSS is 88.5Hz, without the CTCSS you will not be able to get through the gateway..
For those connecting through a local gateway on 2m, 70cms or even HF, just dial 57006 with your DTMF Microphone to connect direct to EI4FMG.....

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