Saturday 22 February 2014

Phil ON4TA portable on 4m SOTA in Ireland.

Here is an email I received fro Phil ON4TA from Geerbets in Belgium.
Please keep an ear out for him on 4m when he is working SOTA in our area.

Hello Tony,

Just to advise that I plan to be in Ireland on a two weeks holiday at the end of March.  It will be my first visit to the North East, weather permitting I will be out and about on SOTA in the Cooley Peninsula and the Mourne Mountains.

I was browsing your website and see that you are on 70.400MHz so for sure will try that frequency.  EI7GEB Dave suggested dropping you a line as I will be looking for VHF contacts from the hill tops.

There seem to be pockets of 4m activity in Ireland.  On a previous visit I worked the folks in Co. Galway and Co. Mayo from many of the Connemara hill tops.  I met up with Artur EI7GMB and Steve EI5DD, they are very much into Clansman equipment too (I enjoyed the photo’s on your website).

I usually work VHF from the hill tops with a handheld and SlimJim antenna on 4m, 2m and 70cm.

Looking forward working you and other 4m enthusiasts in the Drogheda area.

Best 73, Phil ON4TA

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