Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back mobile on 4m…..

Hi all. At long last I am back up and running on 70Mhz mobile. Using the trusty Simoco SRM9000 with the remote Simoco 9030 head. I have the radio programmed up with the whole 4m band in 12.5Khz steps and also have the gateways and links put in using the callsigns (CTCSS for each on as well).
The radio runs 25 watts on high power and 5 watts on low power, also have scan, squelch level as well as DTMF on it as well, basically all you would need on a radio, and of course it has the signal meter which is handy.
I am running the radio on a ¼ wave 4m antenna at the minute but plan to get a 5/8 wave in the future..
Also in the car I have the Wouxun KG-UV950 which operates on 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cms….

Listen out for me /M. I will be scanning…….   J

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