Thursday, 5 November 2015

The 70 Mhz Saviour by Tony EI4DIB (5/11/2015).

There was once a little radio band, of a few only knew,
It started off so small, but grew and grew and grew.
Then one day along came a ham, who was keen in every way,
And said that this band needs to be used in order it can stay.
So he went to work thinking planning and conniving,
His thoughts and ideas where very much striving.
He said that this band will not die nor will it flounder,
I will keep it going and make it so much sounder.
He started to pass the word, on air and on paper,
He was going to become the 70 Mhz saviour.
His blog was fine his word was strong he done his very best,
He set up some radios sells them on and history tells the rest.
He now sits back and listens to the chatter,
On the frequencies he enjoys a beautiful natter.
Where days of old there was silence and decline,
There now is CQ, Hello, and what is your callsign?

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