Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Yaesu FTC-740A Remembered.

Back in the day I got my hands on one of these brand new from Martin Lynch in the UK, a powerful radio at the time 40w output on FM.
The frequency coverage could be anything between 66 to 88 Mhz so perfect for use on the 4m band.
It could have a maximum of 12 channels put into it, but the radio was not like the modern day radios, you had to put crystals into it (a pair for each channel).

At the time I only had 70.2625 FM which is the EI FM 4m calling frequency.
The radio itself was a bit on the bulky side and had a bit of weight to it, built like a tank… good solid mobile bracket meant that it could be bolted down well.

I could not imagine trying to install it into a modern car today….
Unfortunately I do not have the radio anymore nor do I have any more information on it, could not find anything on the interweb..
If you want to add extra channels here is an example for 70.400 Mhz for crystal calculation:

For Receive 70.400 minus 10.7 = 59.7 Mhz , then divide by 4 = 14.925 Mhz crystal

For transmit  70.400 divided by 6 = 11.733  Mhz crystal.

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