Monday, 2 May 2016


I have just purchased one of these to add  4 meters to a rig 2 meters, I am going to use my Yaesu FT857D on 5 watts, this should give me about 25w or so on 4m.
The beauty of this is that I do not need to worry about the HF end of the radio, this I use for mostly digi modes on HF, and seeing that I do not use the VHF/UHF end of the Yaesu then the 2m to 4m transverter seemed like the answer.
So next will be to get my hands on a beam to use on 4m and get that in the air as soon as I can, and hopefully hear some activity when the band opens…
The transverter main board contains an attenuator in the transmit path and can be configured for 1-500mW or 0.5-5W drive levels and gives 300mW output. Class AB linear operation gives all mode use.   The standard product includes a linear amplifier giving panel adjustable output 5 to 25W on 4m.  All spurious and harmonic outputs better than 45dB below carrier.  Capable of withstanding long periods of transmit into bad SWR.  Receive side has panel adjustable gain 0-20dB gain and NF less than 1.5dB.   

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