Tuesday, 21 December 2010

LAMCO AT-5189 4m

Here is an interesting radio for sale at LAM Communications in the UK, it is a 45w FM radio for the 4m band.

I have placed my order and should have delivery of it in the new year.
I will do a review of it when I get it.

Here are the specs:

Output Power:45W/25W/10W
250 channels, every channel can be named with 32 characters
Can be divided to 10 scan groups.
One priority scan channel for each group
CTCSS/DCS/5-Tone decodes and encodes
ANI function (display missed calls)
Single call, group call, selective call are features
Emerqency call are all available


Mounting bracket
DC power cable with fuse holder
Hardware kits for bracket

Technical Specification:
Frequency Range: 66-88MHz
Channel: 250 Channels
Channel Spacing: 25kHz(Wide Band) 20 kHz(Middle Band) 12.5K (Narrow band)
Phase-locked Step: 5kHz 6.25kHzOperating Voltage: 13.8V DC 15%
Squelch: Carrier/CTCSS/DCS/5Tone/2Tone/DTMF
Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm
Temperature Range: 20~+60 4 F~+140 F
Dimension (WxHxD): 160 x155x 40mm
Weight: 1Kg
Receiver (ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing )
Sensitivity (12dB Sinad): Wide band 0.2V Narrow band: 0.25V
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 70dB 60dB
Intermodulation: 65dB 60dB
Spurious Rejection: 70dB 70dB

Audio Response: +1~-3dB(0.3~3kHz) +1~-3dB(0.3~2.55kHz)
Hum & Noise: 45dB 40dB
Audio distortion: 5%
Audio power output: 2W@10%
Transmitter (ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing )
Power Output: Wide band: 45W/25W/10W(VHF) Narrow band: 45W/25W/10W
Modulation Wide band: 16K F3E Narrow band: 11K F3E
Adjacent Channel Power: Wide band: 70dB Narrow band: 60dB
Hum & Noise: Wide band: 40dB Narrow band: 36dB
Spurious Emission: Wide band: 60dB Narrow band: 60dB
Audio Response: Wide band: +1~-3dB(0.3~3kHz) Narrow band: +1~-3dB(0.3~2.55kHz)
Audio Distortion: 5%

Price and shipping can be found at the following link.

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