Thursday, 21 April 2011

True Story, good neighbours should be cherished.

Here is a funny story that not many hams can tell, about me and the next door neighbour:

I was out in my back garden a few weeks ago and was admiring the hedge between myself and my neighbour, both of us had cut it the week previous, then I heard a voice call out to me, “Tony, I was looking up at your 2 vertical antennas coming up the road and they look very well, never looked at them at that distance before”, I quickly replied, “they are working well but I would like to have them a bit higher”, at that my neighbour replied, “would they work better higher up?”, I said, “of course they would”.  He then told me that if I am going to put them up higher to give him a shout and he will give me a hand… not too often a neighbour says that about ham antennas!!! Of course I was delighted but what he said next really surprised me even more… “Tony, would you not put a tower up at the bottom of your garden? I think a tower down there would look good”…  

Every night I say a prayer for that neighbour, wishing him good health and long life…

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