Saturday, 18 February 2012

EI4FMG Gateway, Node Number: 57006 up and working..

I eventually got to grips with setting up the 4m Gateway yesterday, a lot of help from my very patient friend Richard MI3CQR, after about an hour on the phone with Richard going through the different settings, the 4m Gateway leaped into life.
Richard was the first contact through it using his I-Phone and his audio was great, Pat EI2HX then came on to try it out, again with great results.
The Gateway is only on test at my QTH at the minute and it is running 25 watts into a Di-Pole antenna up about 15 feet, so coverage will be limited for now, but it can be still accessed into to have a chat with the locals,Local operators are able to use DTMF tones to access different stations around the world.
I will be monitoring it on a 4m handie from my House.
The local operators use Simoco PRM 80's and Simoco 8020's and I have eventually got the software up and running for re-programming them, so needless to say I am getting quite a few visits from the guys with their radios for me to add the channel and CTCSS etc... (I love this as some bring sticky buns with them!!).
I was also chatting to Brian (EI9GTB) who is the son of the late Dermot (EI2AK) who's QTH the Gateway will be finally be working from, he has informed me that he will be ready to receive the Gateway up at that QTH in about 4 weeks. That will put the Gateway up about 700-800 feet ASL with great take off in all directions.
The Gateway is only operating with a USB Dongle for the Internet at my QTH so it is not on 24-7 yet, but should be by the end of next week, I will keep you all informed..

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