Sunday, 4 March 2012

EI4FMG Continuing tests.

The 4m Gateway is now running for over 2 weeks on test at my QTH, so far it has attracted over 100 stations that connected directly to it from all over the world. I have set up the echolink program to add everybody who has connected to save their callsigns into “favourites” so that I can see where in the world they are calling from, so far there has been a vast amount from USA and Australia, even had Ken EI4IU calling from Orlando Florida using his I-Phone….
As you see in the photos the Gateway is using a Green Pye Cat 70Mhz vertical antenna (approx. gain of 3dbd) which, at the moment is up on a 35 foot telescopic mast (Courtesy of Pat EI2HX), this will give the Gateway a good “soak” test for locals using “RF” to link into it.
So far the Gateway can be worked in County Monaghan and Aidan EI5KB/GI7FHC can hear it at his home QTH just outside Newry.

Mast and Antenna.
 (Click for larger picture)
4m Antenna on top of Mast.
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Base Of Mast.
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The “gubbins” of the station is running from my workshop and as can be seen in the photograph is a Motorola GM350 and a beautiful EI4JR interface into an old IBM desktop computer, if you can zoom into the monitor you will see on the right side of the screen is part of the list of the stations who used internet to connect.

EI4FMG running in EI4DIB's Workshop.
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I was up on Fieldstown, Monasterboice on Friday, where the Gateway will finally be located and discussed with Brian (EI9GTB) as to the location of antenna and equipment, at the minute Brian is doing some renovating of the building that EI4FMG will be located in so as soon as that is done the Gateway will be re-located to its permanent site. Within a week or so myself and Pat (EI2HX) and possibly one or two others will be going up to the site to erect the antenna in order to have it already there before we bring the Gateway up.  

I will, as always, keep you all up to date on the progress of the Gateway.

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