Thursday, 29 March 2012

Simoco PRM8020’s Ready for new owners.

The other day I took delivery of some Low Band Simoco PRM8020 radios. They are a bit more basic than the SRM9000’s which I described in an earlier post.
Ready For Collection.

These are a 64 channel 25 watt, well-built and very rugged radios.
I programmed in the whole 4m band starting from channel 1 as 70.000 to channel 41 as 70.500 (all with 12.5 Khz spacing). The Cavan Link Frequency on 70.2875 has the CTCSS of 74.4HZ and the 4M Gateway (EI4FMG) on 70.350 has the CTCSS of 88.5HZ programmed on to them.

4m Channels programmed into PRM8020's.

Front of Radio.

I then programmed the 4 buttons on the bottom under the display as follows (left to right):
1.       The scan start/stop is done with the music symbol note.
2.       The user can change the 10 channels that they want to cover in the scan by using the “speaker” symbol. The channels selected for scan will have a “V” symbol displayed over the speaker symbol.
3.       The “A” button for turning on and off the CTCSS, the letter “V” will be displayed over the “A” button when CTCSS is turned off.
4.       The squelch on/off is done by pressing the “B” button.

The Up and Down buttons on the left of the display are not in use, the Up and Down buttons on the right of the display are for channel Up/Down.
To turn On/Off the radio just push the rotary knob on the left of the radio, this knob is also rotated for volume.
As you can see in the photo I have a small quantity already programmed ready to be dispatched to their new owners, but I hope to be getting more in the near future!!

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