Sunday, 17 June 2012

EI4FMG on air in permanent location.

Finally EI4FMG is now up at it’s permanent location in Fieldstown, Monasterboice just north of Drogheda in County Louth, and what a location!!!!
I still have a few “tweeks” to do with it’s audio in that the audio coming in from the internet is a little too strong, so I will have to visit the site soon and sort that or see if I can adjust it remotely.
So far there has been a great response to it’s first day up there, the range is fantastic, for example: John, EI4L in Celbridge in County Kildare had no problem getting into it, Jim EI2HJB/M from outside his house in Blackrock, County Louth and Aidan GI7FHC in Newry was very strong into the gateway. Also Pat, EI2HX was mobile 10 Km south of Omagh when he started hearing EI4FMG giving it’s ident.
I would like to thank all those who helped in the setting up of EI4FMG, Richard – MI3CQR who’s expertise was invaluable and Brian – EI9GTB who’s property that EI4FMG is now running from and to all who donated time and equipment to it’s construction.

Please feel free to use EI4FMG as often as you like, log on via computer or mobile phone and have a chat with all the local 4m hams, for those connecting via radio please note that the frequency is 70.350 MHz FM and a CTCSS of 88.5 Hz is needed.

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