Friday, 15 June 2012

Maybe this time......

Myself and Pat (EI2HX) went up to Fieldstown on Tuesday to set up EI4FMG, however the room that the gateway is to go into was not fully completed in that the electricity was not connected!!!
But we still got to move the antenna from one building to another, it is now up higher (about 3-4m), well hopefully it is still up higher after the heavy wind last night!!!!
I was chatting to Brian (EI9GTB) who owns the building that the gateway is going into and he assures me that there will be electricity turned on over the weekend, so with that in mind I will be heading up (if Brian permits) and setting up EI4FMG over the weekend, and hopefully Brian will be there to set up the WI-FI so that the gateway can run properly on Echolink, if not then I will set it up on “Parrot” mode until the computer is connected to the internet.

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