Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Norway expands 4 m band.

Published on 6 November 2012 by Tom LA4LN

As of 31 October 2012, the Norwegian P & T Authority has made changes to the Norwegian amateur license regulations. The major changes are:
1.  Permission has been given to use 472 - 479 kHz (max. 100 W transmitter power output; max. 1 W EIRP). Hence the former permission to use 493 - 510 kHz has been stopped.
2.  Permission has been given to use 70.1875 - 70.2625 kHz, EXCEPT in the three Norwegian southwest counties of Hordaland, Rogaland and West-Agder, where there still is commercial traffic within this frequency segment.
NRRL had argued that the bulk of Norwegian radio amateurs should not be barred from using the IARU Region 1 calling frequency on 70.200 MHz and vicinities, because of a few commercial stations in the southwest corner of the country. This reasoning has thus been accepted by the Norwegian P & T authority. Hence the permission on 4 m with max. 100 W transmitter power, and max. 16 kHz bandwidth, include the following frequency segments:
70.0625 - 70.0875 MHz
70.1375 - 70.3125 MHz*
70.3625 - 70.3875 MHz
70.4125 - 70.4625 MHz
* 70.1875 - 70.2625 MHz not permitted in the counties Hordaland, Rogaland, and West-Agder (southwest Norway).

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