Sunday, 3 March 2013

World Amateur Radio Day 2013.

Each year the IARU Administrative Council selects a theme for World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) for the following year.  WARD takes place each year on April 18.  At the November, 2012 Administrative Council meeting the AC adopted the following proposal:  "The theme 'Amateur Radio:  Entering Its Second Century of Disaster Communications' was adopted for the next World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, 2013."

The selected theme for 2013 is an excellent opportunity for amateur radio emergency communications or disaster communications groups to take advantage of the WARD to highlight the role amateur radio plays in disaster communications and disaster response.  IARU member-societies could arrange amateur radio demonstrations in public places such as parks or shopping areas.  Prepared hand outs could explain the benefits of amateur radio in times of emergency or disaster.  A ham radio demonstration in public areas usually generates inquiries and questions from the public about amateur radio and it also provides a great opportunity to attract new ham radio operators.  If you plan on such a demonstration, don't forget to include some young people from your society so that young people who happen by the demonstration can see that amateur radio activity can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
In 2013, April 18 is a weekday.  However, that doesn't prevent the public activity from taking place on the weekend before or after April 18.  The idea is to gain as much exposure and publicity for amateur radio as possible.

If anybody is interested in participating or may have an idea for a location please contact the AREN team on the following email address:

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