Saturday, 4 May 2013

Noble Radio NR-6N4. New 4m and 6m dual band radio.

Noble Radio NR-6N4 is a new 4 m and 6 m dual band radio. It covers 50.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz and 69.9 MHz to 70.5 Mhz Modulation is CW and SSB. Power is up to 20 W PEP. Price range is around $800(us). The news release does not say anything about availability date.

The key, but preliminary technical specification, are listed below but are also subject to change:

Down converting design
Dual Conversion: 1st IF: 10.7 MHz 2nd IF: 25 kHz
Sideband elimination using phasing techniques with digitally generated Quadrature carriers and Image
Reject mixers preceded by 15 kHz crystal roofing filters
Ultimate receiver bandwidth set by adjustable SCAF filters (two 8th order filters used. One for High Cut and one for Low cut)
Sensitivity: MDS = -130 dBm
Dynamic Range Figures: blocking: 110 dB, IMD (3rd Order): 95 dB
Selectivity: 500 Hz to 4 kHz adjustable with the SCAF filters. Ultimate attenuation of filters are 55 dB or better.

Power: 20 W PEP
SCAF Filters can be used to tailor SSB Transmit audio.

Synthesizer: DDS/PLL synthesizer with 10 Hz minimum step size. Tuning rate is variable depending on the Tuning Knob speed (Variable Speed Tuning - VST)
The low level 10.7 MHz IF signal is also brought out to a rear connector so that it may be used for pan adapter or SDR applications.

10 Memories per band
Supply voltage: 11.5 V to 14 V DC, approximately 3.6 A at full output power.
Dimensions: 203 mm (W) x 305 mm (D), including knob and heat sink, 95 mm (H), including feet
Weight: Approximately 1.8 kg

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