Saturday, 27 June 2015

Simoco SRM 9000 Revisited

A while ago I blogged about my 3 Simoco 9020's in the boot of my car, above you will see the 2m, 70cms and the 4m ones.
Sadly that car has gone and the 4m radio has found a home in my new car with a 9030 head on it, the 70cms one is in my shack and the 2m one is on loan to a local ham.

Recently I decided to take one of the radios apart to have a look at the magical stuff inside, I will not even try to explain what goes on, it is all witchcraft to me!!!!

Above the Simoco SRM9000 complete in it's "shell".
Below you will see an "E" band (66-88Mhz) radio out of it's shell.

Here below the BNC and power/extension speaker socket. These radios, like a lot of PMR radios do not have internal speakers.

Below again you can see the microphone/remote head socket.

Here below are two photos of the main board, plenty of surface mount technology, too much for me to understand!!!!

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