Monday, 12 October 2015

On July 19th the RSGB – 70 MHz Trophy Contest took place.(Roger – G4BVY).

We entered under the callsign “M0BAA/P” from Locator square JO01KJ. Mike G8TIC, Bill M0BTZ, Andy 2E0IBF and Pat EI5IX / M0XII arrived on site on the 18th Saturday evening to set up the antenna system which was a 8 element Yagi on our Versa Tower at 20m, we finally setup the Yaesu FT5000DX with a DB6NT Transverter and a 4CX250B valve linear amplifier producing 160 watts and once everything was prepared we had a quick listen on the bands, had a few QSO’s on SSB & CW working CT & PA so at that point when everything was working we decided to call it a day and go for a beer and some food then grab some sleep before the start of the contest at 10:00UTC Sunday Morning.

The contest was hard work with very little Sporadic E or Tropo conditions throughout the event. We finished up the contest at 16:00UTC with a claimed score of 115 QSO’s 32,214 points with 69 Multipliers and our ODX was Keith CT1JAD at 1752Km.
Thanks once again to everyone who called us during the contest, we look forward to the next one.
 UPDATE: 19/07/2015

70 MHz Trophy 2015

The number of entrants for this event continues to show a healthy increase with 59 this year.  In general the weather was kind to the portables but the further north you ventured, the wetter you became!

There was a sporadic-E opening from the start of the contest until 12:06.  In this period there were 64 QSOs greater than 1000kms with three CT and two EA stations.  The best contact was between GM4ZUK/P and CT1JAD at 2249kms.  Comments regarding the tropospheric conditions varied from reasonable to poor.  In total there were 6 DL, 2 EI, 1 LX, 2 ON and 19 PA stations together with all G prefixes except GD.  The best QSO was between G3TCU and DK5YA at 737 kms.  There were 24 QSOs in excess of 600kms.  In total there were 217 stations in the logs with 152 G, 30 from other G prefixes and 35 non UK stations.

Logging standards were generally good with only 2.8% of contacts being judged as not valid.  In all three sections the top two stations were separated by very small margins and logging accuracy was key.

Congratulations go to:

The Blacksheep CG, M0BAA/P, for winning the Open Section and being awarded the VHF Managers Trophy;
Erik, G8XVJ/P, who won the single operator (others) section and, as the highest scoring single operator entry, is awarded the Four Metre Cup;
Fred, G4BWP for winning the single operator (fixed) section;
and also to the other stations identified in results who will all receive certificates.

Roger – G4BVY

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