Sunday, 18 October 2015

Windscreen Mount Radio.

Recently I was looking through my bits and pieces and wondering about a small QYT KT-8900 Dual Band radio I bought a few weeks ago.
I do not need to put it in my car as I already have a Wouxun Quadander in the car mounted with a quick release bracket just under the stereo radio.

Wouxun KG-UV950P fitted in car.
Looking through my odds and ends I came across a windscreen mount that I bought some time earlier with the intention of putting to some use later. The mount has a decent size sucker on it and a swivel head also a push up and lock lever to ensure it stays in place.
With the QYT KT-8900 dualbander in mind, and the fact it is so small I wondered if I could use it if I was in someone else’s car that did not have a mobile radio fitted or was not a Ham Radio operator….
What I done is simple, I put 4 holes on to the plastic base of the windscreen mount and used 4 nuts, bolts and washers attached the mobile mounting bracket to the windscreen mount.

QYT side on view.

QYT front view.

Another side view.
I used the radio in a few positions attached to the windscreen and it is actually easier to change channels while driving than my Wouxun, with the radio in front of me it means that I can keep an eye on the road in front and use the radio at the same time.

QYT in corner of windscreen.

QYT in middle of windscreen.

The radio I am using is indeed very small and light, but I would still like it to sit on the dash and the windscreen mount attached to the glass, that way there is no weight on the mount.
QYT resting on dash,still mounted on windscreen.
Having said that the radio is light and the mount is strong, it has a lever which when locks up firmly attaches the mount to the glass.
I did do an experiment and left the radio and mount in the middle of the windscreen for a few days and nights, as well as doing the usual driving with the windscreen heater on and the radio stayed in place..

But, I would think that if it was left there indefinitely the rubber sucker would probably perish with the sun, having said that this, for me, is only a way of temporally mounting a radio into a car and not for a permanent setup.  

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