Thursday, 5 November 2015

Frustrated Radio Ham, By Tony EI4DIB (4/11/2015).

I have been on the radio calling with all my might,
CQ CQ CQ morning, noon and night.
I crank up the volume and lower down the squelch,
Is there an English station there, maybe it is Welsh.
I go up and down the frequency and listen to the noise,
I then go outside and adjust my counterpoise.
The signal meter gives a little flicker and busts into life,
Is this what I have become, all this bloody strife?
I walk away from my radios and then head down the stairs,
And then I hear a little noise, an answer to my prayers,
Is this frequency in use? is there anybody there?
I rush back up to hear who it is, and to have a QSO,
All my prayers have been answered, Thank God for radio.

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