Monday, 18 January 2016

Approve 70 MHz Amateur Band for Australia.

Closure of Analogue TV has removed Channel 2, including the stereo audio sub-carrier from spectrum around 70 MHz.  Also called "4 metres" for its approximate wavelength, this band is available to Amateurs in much of Europe, and parts of Africa and the Middle East.

The UK is the pioneering user of this band, where the band covers all of 70.000 to 70.500 MHz.  Many other Region 1 countries now have allocations part or most of the 69.900 to 70.500 MHz range, in some cases in several segments.

Benefits of access to the band include an improved understanding of radio propagation, including TEP (trans-equatorial propagation), and provide new challenges (opportunities) to Amateurs.  The band also has value to the emergency communications support groups within the Amateur community.

A range of equipment is available, including converted ex-commercial or ex-government radios, Japanese Ham equipment (eg: ICOM), and Chinese products, and a new European brand (Noble), along with home built transverters.

Thus we ask the ACMA makes an Amateur allocation in this band.

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