Thursday 4 July 2013

Tony Fay EI6EQB picks up his prize.

I had the very great pleasure today of getting to meet the winner and  hand over the Cleartone CM-7200 4m radio to it's new owner.

Let me introduce Tony Fay EI6EQB (In his own words):

My Name is Tony,

I live in Artane, on the North side of Dublin City, Locator IO63VJ.
I have an interest in all things electronic.
My Father is Tom, EI6K, who was an RO in the 50's and did Radio and TV repairs from the family home, and it is to him I owe my interest in radio, electronics and computers from an early age. I have been working in Data Comms and the computer industry since 1979.
Since 1992 I have been a member of the North Dublin Radio Club EI0NDR.

I am mainly active on VHF/ UHF but I am now redeveloping my interest in HF now that I have erected a Dipole antenna for 40 Meters at my QTH.  The take-off for this antenna is NE and SW.

I am delighted Tony has won the radio and he promised me that he would make me his first contact on 4m!!!
Keep an ear for him on the band and I wish him lots of hours of enjoyment with the radio.

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