Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Wouxun KG-699E. Handheld for 4m (70Mhz).

Recently I purchased a hand held for the 4m band.I decided to go for the Wouxun KG-669E.This is a small, lightweight low band (66-88MHz) transceiver giving maximum of 5 watts output.

I have only had a few contacts on it so far but hope to do more when time allows.

Basic Specifications

• TX/RX Frequency range: 66-88MHz
• Mode: FM
• Memory channels : 200
• Power supply requirement: 7.4v Wouxun Li-ion battery
• Antenna connector : SMA (male)
• Output power : High 5W, Low 1W

The rig comes supplied with a 7.4v 1300mAh Li-ion battery, a 'drop in' style battery charger, a 'rubber duck' aerial carry strap, a belt clip and handbook.

There is a wide range of optional extras that are available such as a spare Li-ion battery (which is 7.4v 1700mAh), leather case, speaker-microphone , AA dry battery pack, battery eliminator (a dummy battery case with curly lead fitted with a cigar plug), antenna adapter (SMA female to BNC female), programming lead, programming software, etc.

The squelch is adjusted in menu 4. With the squelch setting at 2 (the lowest setting is 0, but it will open on any slight noise on that setting, and the highest setting is 9).There is a squelch defeat button on the side of the rig.
An adapter of some sort will be needed to use the rig with an external aerial which I consider to be absolutely essential SMA to BNC adapters are available but take care to get the right one because this rig, unlike the Icom/Yaesu handhelds, has a male 'socket' and therefore requires a female 'plug'. 

The rig comes with a bewildering array of functions, memory channels (200), battery save mode, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, transmit over timer, vox, voice encrypt (really, and it works), scanning, priority channel to name but a few. Personally, I am just interested in using it as a straight 4m rig, I won't be using the frills.

Pros and Cons

• The rig is small, lightweight and has a nice clear dual digital frequency display allowing you to monitor two frequencies and switch between them with one 'button push'.
• It has low and high power settings.
• It has a large volume and Channel/Frequency Change control on the top.
• It covers all of the 4m amateur band in 12.5kHz steps (other steps possible)
• It has more than enough memory channels which can be 'labeled' with alpha numeric characters.
• A separate battery eliminator is available to allow the set to be powered from 12v DC.
• Extra (or replacement) Li-ion batteries are available at very reasonable cost.

• You cannot directly power it from a 12v DC supply.
• The antenna connector is male SMA rather than the more normal female SMA common on recent Yaesu/Icom hand-held rigs.
• There is no separate squelch knob (although there is squelch defeat button).
• It is possible to transmit 'out of band'.

Because the Wouxun KG-699 for 4m is supplied with a wide band helical antenna its range performance can be greatly enhanced by the use of this special centre loaded design, tuned specifically for the 4m Amateur Band.
4m High Gain Centre Loaded Whip for Wouxun WO/KG-699E/4m.

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