Sunday, 29 May 2011

Great Contact into Slovenia on 4m by 2 local Ham's.

On Thursday 26th May Thos EI2JD was listening on the local net on 4m, frequency 70.400 FM. He was surprised to hear somebody calling CQ on the frequency, even more surprised to hear the callsign S56KZ calling....
Thos called back and made the contact, a 5x5 both ways.
Thos is using an Ascom SE550 running 25 watts into an old commercial 2 way radio 4 element beam up 25 feet and fixed in the horizontal position.
S56KZ operator name Beno is located in Celje in Slovenia approx 1,740 KM from Thos's QTH in Clogherhead,County Louth.
Thos EI2JD in his Shack.

Ascom SE550.

Then 20 minutes later another local Ham Radio operator, Brian EI9GTB made a contact to S56KZ, again on 70.400 FM. Brian usually operates mobile and portable on 4m and can be heard from Fieldstown just north of Drogheda operating his portable station. For 4m Brian operates a Simoco PRM8020 running 25 watts into a 1/4 wave mag-mount on his car.
Brian EI9GTB.

Simoco PRM8020.

It just goes to show what can be done on very basic equipment at a low price, well done lads.

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