Wednesday, 22 June 2011

4m Beacon from USA.

As of 12:30z on 2 May, a 4-Meter Band Radio Science E-skip Trans-Atlantic (TA) propagation beacon has been QRV from the East Coast of the US. Frequency is 70.005 MHz, QTH is the State of Virginia, locator: FM07fm, CW emissions. ERP is 3kW aimed at 60 degrees true towards Europe.
This year’s parameters are identical to the previous 2010 operations but with a new call sign, WE9XUP, for 2011.The beacon is scheduled to run 24 hours a day until 1 Sept, 2011 but must QRT sooner if there are technical or any QRM issues. This is a Non-Amateur beacon (just like 2010 operations) and 2-way QSOs are not permitted. Any and all QSL/SWL reports are welcome via email to
This beacon has been licensed solely with the gracious co-operation of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (representing the TV industry, which holds the Primary 4-Meter Band spectrum allocation) in the USA -- and the FCC’s Office of Engineering Technology.
Although there is no possibility of an Amateur Allocation on the 4-Meter Band in the US in the foreseeable future (because the TV Broadcast Service is the sole allocated radio service), as the transmitter licensee it is good to see this beacon could be QRV again in 2011 for propagation research -- exploring Trans- Atlantic E-Skip propagation, with the dream of a TA QSO taking place someday on the 2-meter band! Here's hoping for many more E-skip TA reports on the 4-Meter Band this year!

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