Friday, 27 January 2012

4m Gateway Idea May Be Scrapped..

It is with deepest regret that due to complications brought on by third party involvement the Dundalk Amateur Radio Society may have to withdraw its application for a Gateway on 4m.
There have been too many objections by certain parties to frequency and CTCSS tones etc.
The idea was to set up on 70.400 FM with no CTCSS in order to facilitate people who were already able to access that frequency with their pre-programmed radios.
Certain parties would rather us follow the proposed UK band plan and set up our gateway on the same frequencies as them, 70.400 is not one of the frequencies.
If we set up on the same frequencies as the UK we may cause co-channelling with gateways over there.
The option we then have is to stop the co-channel issues would be to add a CTCSS, which would mean that 75% of the operators who are enjoying the use of 4m locally would not be able to use the Gateway. 
I hope that this will not happen, I will update the Blog with further details.  

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