Monday, 30 January 2012

4m Gateway getting the Go-Ahead, but not as we hoped!!

The 4m Gateway looks like it will get the go-ahead after all, but not on the frequency that was hoped for. It will not be on 70.400 but on 70.350 Mhz FM. The reason for this is that "certain" people think we should adopt the same band plan as the UK, even though our band differs from our UK brothers and sisters.
For example the UK use 70.000 to 70.500 where we use 70.125 to 70.450, another difference is that our calling channel is 70.2625 FM and the UK is 70.450 FM....
This will put our Gateway on the ONLY other 4m Gateway frequency on the Island of Ireland, the other gateway is: EchoLink Node Number: 483251, Frequency 70.350, Callsign: MI0RTX,  CTCSS Tone:110.9Hz, Location: Dromara, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. (A total line of sight of approx 45 Miles).
But having said all that the frequency for the 4m gateway will be on 70.350 and also will have a CTCSS of 88.5hz. Unfortunately this will stop a vast amount of people with Ascom and pre-programmed radios from using the gateway, which is very sad indeed. The whole point of this gateway was to encourage the activity on the 4m band here in EI.
In time I hope to be able to re-program up the Simoco PRM radios that the local hams have here around County Louth and have them "Gateway Ready" before the Gateway goes live.

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