Friday, 10 February 2012

Here it is at last.

License for EI4FMG, 4m Gateway which will be on 70.350 Mhz FM.

The application has been sent to Echolink in order to get a Node number, I will update what the number is when it comes through.
All that has to be done now is to get all the pieces together, and the radio re-programmed to correct frequency and the whole lot set up in my spare shack for soak test, then once this is done it will be mounted over 700 Feet ASL just north of Drogheda, in County Louth..

Below you will see the coverage map, this will give a rough guide to the "footprint" under normal operating conditions. This coverage has been plotted with EI4FMG running 25 watts into a dipole antenna and the receiving station using a dipole antenna as well, if you have a beam pointing at the location you will operate it from a greater distance.
The Latitude and Longitude for the Gateway is:
N53° 46.173’, W006° 22.590’.
Please Click On Map To Enlarge.

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