Saturday, 11 February 2012

How do I use the Gateway with no DTMF Microphone??

I have been asked this question a few times over the last few days from people who are hoping to use the new 4m Gateway...
"Without a DTMF microphone I won't  be able to dial up a link or connect and disconnect other stations from the Gateway" they asked...
Well, indeed a DTMF microphone would be very helpful but not necessary as there are a few easy (and cheap, maybe free) alternatives.
Firstly, the free alternative, do you have a mobile phone????? maybe just by holding the phone speaker to the front of the radio microphone and pressing the keypad on the phone will be enough to operate the gateway.
The other is a "Touch Tone Dialler" These are available on auction sites for about €5 to €10 each.
They are very easy to use, just hold them up to the front of your radio microphone with the keypad facing you and with the PTT pressed on the microphone just press the codes to operate.
See below a few photos Touch Tone Diallers, I picked up the white Morphy Richards One at a Radio Rally in a box full of odds and ends, it cost me €1.00...
Front of Dialler.

Back of Dialler, this end goes to microphone.

€1.00 in a box of bits.

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