Monday, 13 February 2012

The new node number for EI4FMG is: 57006

Echolink verification of our Gateway came over the weekend, the Node Number is 57006, This will mean that people who have not got 4m access can connect to the 4m Gateway by going to their local Node/Link or Echolink Repeater (EI2MOG for example) and dialling in those numbers, this will put you straight on to 70.350 without needing a 4m radio.
I will be heading down to Pete EI7JQ today to collect some of the equipment to get the Gateway together to start the "soak test" from my QTH.
I did do a quick test over the weekend with one of my 4m radios on RX mode (70.350) through EI2MOG (145.2125) which was interesting, those who took part in the experiment transmitted on 4m while listening on 2m, using my 4m antenna on the house for receiving the 4m signals and the Gateway in Collon to relay the transmissions. 
It showed that when the Gateway is fully operational up in its proper location how it will open up 4m to a large area.
I will update here when I have EI4FMG up and running from here so that it can be "linked" into and have a QSO with the 4m operators in the North East of Ireland.

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