Sunday, 24 November 2013

2 more additions to my Clansman collection, one a surprise!!

I recently bought a 12-14V DC charger for my Clansman, I already have the bigger ones that can be either plugged into the mains or 12V DC, those ones will charge 2 batteries at a time and can work as a power supply to run one of the Clansman's.
These are great but a bit too bulky for mobile use.

Clansman 2 battery charger/power supply.

12-14V DC Rapid Charger.

The latest battery charger only works from 12-14V DC and can only charge one battery at a time, the reason I bought this is that I can charge the battery from the cigar plug in the car. The Clansman Fast Battery Charger (D.C. 14V, NSN 6130-99-620-2114) charges 24 volt batteries from 12-14 Volt DC input. Features include a shorter charging time, automatic termination of charging when the batteries are fully charged and a fully charged battery indicator. 

Now for the "SURPRISE" that I mentioned in the heading......
When I purchased the Rapid Charger I got chatting to the guy who was selling it, he had a few extra Clansman pieces on eBay and was selling everything as he need the space, I sent him a link to the Blog and he had a little read...
When I picked up the package it seemed a little bigger and heavier than I thought it would be and when I opened it I found the following:

Hand Cranker Charger.
Clansman Hand Generator for use with the Clansman radios PRC-344, PRC-351, PRC-352, PRC-320. 
Clips on between the radio and the battery and by turning the hand crank it generates 24 Volt DC for charging a standard Clansman 24 Volt battery to operate the radio. 
Charge lamp lights up to indicate when the hand crank is being turned at the right speed.
What a surprise that was!!!!!

Hand Cranker/Generator added to one of my Clansman Radios.

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