Thursday, 21 November 2013

Another Clansman Antenna Idea for 4m!!

It is a cold day out today and I needed something to occupy my mind, I was thinking about the antennas that I already have for the Clansman.
The one I made up to use with the amplifier works very well and the original 2, the Telescopic Whip and the Battlefield antenna are a bit of a compromise.
I decided that what I need is a pre-tuned flexible antenna that will connect into the Clansman antenna socket so that I can change from one antenna to another quickly.

Quick release antenna base on SURF.

I asked Pat (EI2HX) what whips he had that would suit 4m, he brought over a few and with a bit of negotiations and a lot of tea I picked a few antenna whips,  one similar to the one I use on my car with a base loading coil would be called into service.

Bottom of black steel whip antenna.

This base has a 6mm thread so I would need something to use as an adaptor that will fit onto the Clansman antenna base, with a quick look on eBay I spotted spare bases for the bottom of the Battlefield Antennas, so I bought 2 of them.

Base showing 6mm thread.

One of the connectors bought on eBay.

The Battlefield antenna base has an 8mm thread so a bit of work needed to be done….So out came the files and Die Set.

Collection of files.
Different Die sizes.
Firstly I filed off the existing 8mm threads from the antenna base, then used a 7mm Die, when the new 7mm threads were done I then filed them off as well…. Then the 6mm Die was used, with the new 6mm threads done the Battlefield Antenna base screwed up nicely to the new 4m whip antenna.

Antenna with new fitting added.

The antenna is approx. 32 Inches long and very flexible, being black it suits the Clansman very well, on air testing with locals has showed that it is an improvement over the telescopic and battlefield antennas.

New antenna fitted on radio via SURF.

This antenna I made up primarily to be used on the radio with or without the SURF and on the 4w power.

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