Sunday, 3 November 2013

Clansman "Loudspeaker"

Recently I got my hands on a Clansman extension speaker for my Clansman 351, it is a very heavy duty speaker made to take the most abuse that can be thrown at it.

Front of speaker with 7 pin plug.

It came with a short lead with a 7 pin plug on each side.There is a socket on one side with a pair of connectors so that the speaker can be connected to the radio with twin speaker cable, there is a volume control on the top.

Top of speaker, volume control.
The speaker can be directly connected to the radio with the short 7 pin lead that came with it, the handset/headset can be then connected to the speaker.

Side view with connections.
This would be a great way to operate the radio/speaker/handset but with only one “small” issue… one I overlooked when buying the speaker was the fact that the Clansman radio does not have any audio amplification circuitry built into it so I will need to buy an external audio amplifier or build one (thinking of using the audio circuit from old computer extension speakers).

Audio amplifier.
The reason why I got the speaker was so that I can set up portable and have lots of sound rather than using an earpiece.
When I buy the Clansman audio amplifier I will use it in the shack as they run from either 12v or 24v and this would be too much to bring with me.
The audio amp I plan to build will work off either 6 x 1.5v AA or a 9v PP3 battery enclosed in a waterproof small box “Velcro” to the back of the speaker.

Back of speaker.

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