Friday, 9 May 2014

What am I up to?????

Simoco PRM8040.

Sorry I have not updated my Blog in the last while, I have been under the weather a bit!!
I have however ordered my new Ring Base antenna for 4m and also got delivery of a Simoco PRM 8040 which I will reprogram for 70Mhz.
As soon as the antenna arrives it will be put up and I will post here on how I get on with it.
Also down in the south of Ireland there is a great 4m link, it is on Mount Leinster as far as I know and it connects into the South Eastern Repeater network, which consists of 2m and 70cms repeaters scattered all over the South of Ireland.
The link operates on 70.400 with a CTCSS of 67.0 Hz, have a listen and try it out.

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