Thursday, 30 July 2015

AnyTone AT-588 70 MHz FM Transceiver.

Any Tone AT-588.

I have just ordered one of these, I already have the Any Tone AT-5189 which is working great, I have one of the very rare 45W versions, but I would like to upgrade to the New Any Tone AT-588, the new one runs 50W but that is not the reason for wanting to buy one, the new model has a signal meter which I would love to have on my main 4m radio...

So I will be putting my Any Tone AT-5189 up for sale as soon as the new one arrives.....
Any Tone AT-5189 For Sale Soon...

Here are the specs of the Any Tone AT-588:
Frequency: HF 66~88MHz

Output Power:50W(VHF),45W(UHF)/25W(HF)/10W
100 programmable memorized channels and Call channel, the channels can be  marked with letters and digits
CTCSS/DCS/5-Tone decodes and encodes

Four different single-tone pulse frequencies
Compander to reduce noise
Theft alarm
ANI function(DTMF/ANI,5Tone/ANI) PTT ID.
QHM-03 multifunctional microphone with DTMF
Scramble function(option)
   Microphone(with DTMF keypad)
   Mobile installing bracket 
   DC power cable with fuse holder
   Hardware kits for bracket

Frequency Range
HF: 66-88MHz 
Number of Channels
200 channels
Channel Spacing
25K (Wide Band)  20K(Middle Band)  12.5K (Narrow band)
Phase-locked Step
5KHz,6.25KHz,8.33KHz,10KHz,12.5KHz,15KHz,  20KHz,25KHz,30KHz,50KHz
Operating Voltage
13.8V  DC ±15%
Frequency Stability
Wide band
Narrow band

Power Output 50W/25W/10W

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