Tuesday, 4 August 2015

KG-UV950PL Quad Bander: 6m/4m/2m and 70cms.

This amazing value for money fully featured Quad band mobile now has 4m instead of 10m, so it now covers 6m/4m/2m/70cms. (50/70/145/433MHz) with a super wide band receive side; including AM Air band RX (108-136MHz).
The whole case is basically one big heatsink. On 4/6/2m it will run 50w, reducing to 40w on 70cm. The front panel is removable (separation cable supplied) and is able to be attached either horizontally, or angled slightly up or down. In addition to the internal speaker there is a speaker built into the mic (for very noisy environments) and the option for separate external speakers for each ‘side’ of the rig. It is effectively two rigs in one. A mobile mounting bracket is supplied too.

It has been very well designed, feels just right and offers all the functionality you need – and more. Not visible in this picture is a speaker at the back and an extra volume control on top. This makes adjusting the volume much easier and precise. At the left you will find PTT and a programmable side key (default: monitor). A lock switch and a backlight switch are welcome additions too

Air band reception:
I know many people love air band reception and this radio does just that. 
Unfortunately the radio lacks 8.33 KHz channel spacing, which is needed in Europe. Increasing air traffic congestion has led to narrow-band 8.33 kHz channels in the ICAO European region; all aircraft flying above 19,500 feet are required to have communication equipment for this channel spacing. Outside of Europe 8.33 kHz channels are permitted in many countries, but not widely used yet.

Cross-band repeat:
The one million dollar question was: can this radio cross-band repeat between the Citizens Band and amateur bands? The answer is: yes, it does, the KG-UV950P will happily cross-band repeat between anything on VFO A and VFO B, as long as the chosen bands are not the same.

Apart from real cross-band functionality, the radio can also act as a transverter (one way repeat). If that was not enough, you can construct your own repeater system by linking two KG-UV950P’s together. Just interconnect the two RJ-45 connectors at the left to get that to work.

A scrambler system is standard in this radio, and you can choose 8 different varieties of voice inversion. The garbled audio such a system produces will sound very familiar if you ever spend time on the HF bands and tuned into a USB signal while still in LSB mode.

Receiver quality:
The receiver is sensitive enough to pick up even the weakest signal. Measuring sensitivity is becoming a bit boring, because all modern radios perform about the same. More interesting is the front end and its capability to keep unwanted signals out of the equation. Again Wouxun did something most other radios can’t: this radio survives most problems you throw at it, just like their dual-band KG-UV920P. 

Twin band /same band simultaneous reception
Dual display
999 memory channels
Power 50w VHF / 40watts UHF
Front panel and radio body flexible for separation
Duplex mode
Duplex cross-band repeat
QT/DOT encoding and decoding
QT/DOT scanning
Non-standard CTCSS/DCS setting freely
Same -band repeat on two combined radios
High power output
Dual track and multi-way loudspeakers
Hand microphone DTMF with loudspeakers, receiving indicator and volume adjuster
Caller ID display
DTMF encoding and decoding
Group calls, all calls and selective calls
8groups of scrambler
Priority channel scanning
APO power management
Wide / narrow bandwidth select able
Voice guide
Automatic temperature detection
Stun/kill function
Single audio pulse frequency
Multiple back light colour select able
Scan channel adding /deleting
Grouping channel scanning
Multiple scanning ways
Remote control setting
Multiple setting for cooling fan

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