Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Double Vision!!!!!

No you do not have double vision nor am I getting greedy by getting a second one of these low priced 4m Anytone radios...
This is for another local ham but in the meantime I get to compare the receive signals on the two radios on very different antennas, one radio is on my Sirio 5/8 wave vertical tuned for 4m at about 35 feet, the other is a commercial folded Di-pole (66-88Mhz) at about 20 feet.  
Needless to say the Sirio  works a heck of a lot better on RX than the Di-pole on 4m but the Di-pole is far better on RX on the 80 to 88 Mhz in receive.
It is strange to see the different signals between the 2 antennas, you would expect to see a "similar" signal as the distance between them should surely have helped... the higher non tuned antenna VS the lower tuned Di-pole...

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