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TS70-897 10 watts transverter 70MHz for FT-897. Peter SP2DMB.

In 2010, Duane Mayberry ZS6DJM made transverter 70MHz for FT-897. On
the YouTube is a video:
The idea worthy of attention. He used the free places for batteries. Solution good, but
not for the inexperienced amateur ! Duan ZS6DJM made the changes in the
electronic circuits !!!
My solution is different !
I do not modify the transceiver !!!
For installation transverter we will need:
ONLY SCREWDRIVER and 10 minutes !!!
First, some information about on the FT-897. Jack CAT/Linear is the perfect
to cooperate with transverter.

The socket offer for us a: PTT - TX GND pin, Ground – GND pin and the
power supply 13.8 V pin. Power supply contains a fuse 3.15A

Transverter TS70-897
I used to project my earlier design transverter - TS70 in SMD version and
amplifier PA70 on RD16HHF1. They are slightly modified in terms of dimensions.
These plates are the same.

The whole is packed in a frame made of aluminum flat 25x2mm. This is an
important element, since the amount of the battery case is about 25.4 mm

Both components are shielded and cables connected:

As you can see in the picture above, on the sides of the frame are drilled
holes. The amplifier is located close to the fans and therefore has good cooling.
On the back are placed three plugs: SMA (female) to 70MHz antenna, SMA
(male) to enter 28MHz in/out, and an 8-pin microphone socket for power supply,
ground, PTT and LED indicator.

The set consists of connecting cables:

IF cable - coaxial cable to connect the antenna socket KF
FT-897 with the input transverter
CONTROL - 8pin plug for the control, power and PTT
CAT / Linear - MINI DIN connector for power, PTT and GND
FUSE - an additional fuse 2,5 A
POWER SWITCH and LED - transverter power switch and tri-color LED for control
LED indicates:
- GREEN - transverter on
- RED - transmission
- BLUE - RF voltage indicator

Installation is quick and simple. Just You need a screwdriver !!!
1. Take off the cover under the radio. We need to remove the six screws:

2. Pull out the plug:

3. Put transverter TS70-897 in place of batteries:

4. We use the original holes to mount the transverter to radio:

5. Close the cover:

6. Connect cables:

NOTE : Arrow means "up" MINI DIN connector:

7. Transceiver "ALMOST READY” for operation:

"ALMOST READY" – turn power supply ON the transceiver and reduce RF power to
approximately 5W max !!!
Make a change in the menu - item 75 !
8. Turn on the TRX and reduce power. The indicator should show 5:

9. Go to the band 28MHz and turn power ON in transverter. The GREEN LED
lights. S-meter will swing to the half of the range because transverter have a
high gain.

10. Set the USB and press the PTT button on the microphone. In addition to the
green LED should light up the RED LED:

11. In the rhythm of speech BLUE LED should be blinking. It is an indicator of the
RF voltage, which is connected to the output of the amplifier PA70:

Transverter ready to operate in the 4m band !!!
Correction and frequency can be changed in MENU. See USER MANUAL.
Good luck and many DX-s at 70MHz !!!
On YouTube you can watch a video about the installation and testing on the
air with TED SP3OCC
My others projects:
Best 73 – Peter SP2DMB

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