Monday, 9 November 2015

2010 to 2015, 100,000 views, 191 posts.

Hello everyone, and welcome to my 192'nd post here on my 70Mhz Blog....
Some of you will be wondering what is so special about post 192? well nothing really but then there was nothing very spectacular about my very first post back in May 2010, back then I decided that I would start a Blog about my passion, 70Mhz, 4m. There was bits and pieces scattered around the internet and I wanted to bring them to one place, also add my own personal experiences to the hobby, so now over 5 years later, 191 posts and one Cleartone 4m Radio raffled off for free I have reached 100,000 page views..
So how did the stats add up over the years?
Here is a breakdown of the most popular posts, The Anytone AT-5189 4m radio has the top spot with a massive 3312 views, this is a very general breakdown of the posts and the page views, considering 191 posts and 100,000 views that would make each post had an average of 523 views, which in itself is amazing.

So who looked up these posts??
The United Kingdom has the highest amount with 16,861 views, which is no surprise as the UK has the biggest users of 4m in Europe, then followed by the United States with 14,255, which is a big surprise as they do not have 70 Mhz allocation at the minute...
Then, ourselves with 12,866. It was interesting to see how the stats changed over the years, to see as various countries were getting 70 Mhz allocation how the views increased from that country.

I have a live Visitor's listing on my Blog, which shows a live update as to who is currently visiting  and what they are reading, for example the last viewer on the screen shot above is from Estonia and he/she has been reading about GW7AAV's Delta Loop for 70 Mhz...

As we can see from the screen shot below an overview of my stats, the number of my page views so far today is 120 and yesterday is 309.
Also there was a quiet time between July 2014 and August 2015 when I did not post anything due to the dreaded cancer and chemotherapy, but that is behind me now and I am posting very regularly now.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those who contributed to my Blog and to all those who continue to push 4m onward  to being a popular band, I know this is difficult as it still lacks the input from some of the big name radio manufactures but over the last 5 years we have seen Icom coming out with the IC-7100 and the IC-7300 as well as Yeasu's near attempt with the FT-847, but it would be nice to see a 4m FM mobile from these big names. Having said all that we do have quite a few radios coming from, what are becoming more acceptable, Chinese manufactures.

Anytone AT-588.
Icom IC-7100.

Yeasu FT-847.
Icom IC-7300.
Anytone AT-5189.

Clansman PCR-352.

Who knows maybe by the time this blog gets to 200,000 page views I will be writing about Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom's latest 4m FM all singing and dancing 70 Mhz mobile radios...

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