Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Anthony EI2KC works his first 4m (70Mhz) contact into Poland.

Many National and International Ham Radio Operators are familiar with Anthony EI2KC, he may not be known personally by ham radio operators around the world but his Callsign has adorned their logbooks since his induction to Ham Radio on the 30th October 2009, After passing the Morse test in February 2010 Anthony upgraded his Callsign from a 'B Call' to an 'A call' and was given EI2KC on March 5th, the world has never been the same again….
Anthony has a great love of anything HF and is very proficient in CW (Morse Code), he has worked many countries, and loves to get that rare hard to get one into his logbook.
Just recently Anthony received an Award for First Place, single operator unlimited mode, Low Power Ireland on 10m from the ARRL .

Anthony, who is quite modest about his achievements on HF was quoted in saying “Nice surprise in the post. Totally unexpected!”
Anthony is also a keen operator on the 70 Mhz band and has been known to spend many hours trying to make a contact.
To his delight recently while calling out on 70.400 Mhz for some local hams he got a surprise when he was greeted by a “SP” Callsign coming back to him, after a short exchange of information and both operators putting each other’s callsigns into their logbooks, Anthony and the “SP” station exchanged some pleasantries.
After the contact was done, Anthony rang me on the phone, he was quite excited about the contact, he told me that it was better than working  VK9WA Willis islands or indeed S79C DXpedition to Coetivy Island.

Anthony plans to get more active on 4m in 2016 and told me that “HF may take a back seat for next year”.

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