Thursday, 26 November 2015

Close call for local radio club.

The Drogheda and District Ham radio club had a brush with danger as their 4m (70Mhz) DXpedition to Central Papa New Guinea had to be cancelled. While flying over the island looking for the landing strip Tony EI4DIB, the head of the expedition heard a sudden thud on the underneath of the aircraft, suddenly there were several more thuds.
The pilot then reported that he was having trouble with the landing gear and he would have to abort the landing.
When the 4m expedition returned to base the reason for the thudding and the landing gear issues were suddenly exposed, the underneath of the aircraft had more than several dozen primitive arrows sticking out of it, the arrows were later identified as arrows from the Korowai Tribe, also called the Kolufo, a people of south eastern part of the island. 

Korowai Tribe.

When interviewed about the incident Tony was evidently shaken by the whole event, as to why the Korowai Tribe attacked is debatable as they are a very reclusive cannibalistic tribe. There may be a few reasons for the outburst, one line of thinking is as they do not like outsiders that they were reluctant to let the airplane land, the other line of thought is that they were trying to bring down the plane as it was full of “plump” soft skin Irish men, (which is a delicacy to them).
Whatever the reason is Tony is sure it has nothing to do with them operating 70Mhz on the island without the proper permit….

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