Sunday, 29 November 2015

Good antenna erection.

I am just here in the shack today listening to the wind howling around my antennas and my mind wandered to the act of Antenna Erection.
Every good ham radio Operator knows that his erection is the most important thing in the world, no point getting it up if you cannot keep it up, ask any XYL, the last thing she wants to see is it hanging limp across her lawn….
Remember that if you are not able to get that erection up fully do not be embarrassed to ask for help, I am sure your XYL will give you a hand by holding on to the bottom of your pole for you.
Indeed, if you have any Ham Radio buddies around you ask them help you get it up.
Some rules to remember before getting your erection up in the air, make sure you do not strain yourself, never try to lift more than you can, get your buddies to put their shoulder underneath it if necessary.
The last thing also that you want is to be handling a wet pole, make sure where you or your helpers grab is dry, preferably ask your male helpers to wear gloves for their protection.

Below is a few photos of erections that went wrong, note the tower and the pole that is bent over, this can be referred to as Ham Radio Droop… you do not want that to happen to you, a droopy pole is no good to anyone and will not work as effectively as a fully erect one.

Below are some fine erections, these are the ones that make us stand back and admire with our buddies, slap each other on the back and comment each other on a good erection…

Remember safety first, if you can’t manage to get your erection up on your own, and your XYL is unable to help then get a few buddies over to help you, your XYL will thank you for it..
Also do not be embarrassed by your droopy antenna, there is always help out there to get you on the air again, you just need to ask... 

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