Friday, 1 January 2016

4m Activation,SP7VC New Year's trip to Balearic Islands.

Mek SP7VC and Kasia SQ7OYL are now on EA6 sunbathing and drinking fresh drinks at +20C, which is totally opposite to WX here.
EA6/SP7VC activity is limited to HF and 4m in Pollenca # JM19MV, you can see QRA with antennas around.

Aonther part of Mek's plan was to activate 4 locators crossing on Minorca Isl., but this is cancelled now, due to problems with Ferry and limited time to activity.

Nevertheless If You wish to try MS on 4m, Mek will be QRV on 70.191MHz FSK 441 looking for any QSO.

The RIG is old good FT847 and 4el YU7EF Yagi EF0404pVC - portable, very light version made by RNZ LAB for this EA6 trip.

You can see this antenna on the pics below.

Overall complete antenna weight with mounting brackets, choke, e.t.c is just 2,15kg's.
Thanks to Pop YU7EF for his repetitive and professional antenna design.

And here is Mek himself assembling the Yagi at JM19MV.

Good luck with the QSO's

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