Monday, 9 May 2016

CQ CQ CQ 70 Mhz SSB..

Here it is, my new addition to the shack, the Spectrum Communications TRC4-2sL Transverter… it has been a while since I have been active on 4m SSB but at long last I will get active again. I seen the transverter for sale on Facebook, I was not exactly looking out for one but this was at a good price and was the one I was looking for, input on 2m and the output on 4m… I organised buying it and picked it up at the Lough Erne Radio Rally yesterday.
There is no need for me to go into detail about the specs on this as they are well documented elsewhere on the internet and are very highly regarded..
I will be getting a 3 element beam up for SSB and the plan is just to point it into central Europe and leave it fixed there for the rest of the year.
Seeing that I will be using my Yaesu FT857D into the transverter and that I have a digital interface connected which I use on HF for PSK, I hope to have some contacts using PSK on 70 Mhz as well.
The last time I was on 70 Mhz SSB was nearly 4 years ago...  time to catch up on a bit of DX...

I had a quick look on “DX Maps” to see if there is any activity but there is nothing showing there at the minute but the "Cluster" is showing a little activity…

Let’s hope it will get better.

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