Sunday, 15 May 2016

Celebrating 60 years (1956-2016) of the 4 metre band (70MHz) in the United Kingdom!


Great Britain will be celebrating 60 years of 70 Mhz use by radio amateurs this year.
The special callsign of  GB4MTR will be used.
This callsign was used as a special event callsign for 28 days in 1986 in order to promote the 4m band.

Now in 2016, 30 years later, there will be another chance to work this special callsign again.
Interesting that the band was considered "under-used and underestimated" then!
The comment at the bottom reads:

"1987 - band extended to 70.00MHz & class B operation".

Meaning that it then became available to those who hadn't passed the 12wpm Morse test.
So get on the air and celebrate 60 years (1956-2016) of the 4 metre band (70MHz) in the United Kingdom!
The station will be on the air from November 2016,more information below from Selim M0XTA

"I have information and good news for everyone!
A special event station celebrating 60 years of the 4m (70MHz) band!
This special event station will be operational from the 1st November to the 28th November run by the Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society from the club house in Harlow, Essex
The official date of the anniversary Is 9th November 1956.
We will be operating from 80m right down to 70cm.
I feel the 4m band is a special and unique band because in recent years it originally went from a British only band to a European wide band + some countries outside of Europe too!
I really would like to see more activity and more people on the 4m band and of course on all VHF/UHF bands.
I hope my previous article has helped activity increases all over the UK. So far, down here in the effect.
But yes, please make our special event station known and we hope to work many stations with our Callsign.

Selim M0XTA"

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