Sunday, 19 June 2016

My first PSK contact on 70 Mhz.

Myself and Aidan were chatting on 2m the other day and the conversation came up about PSK, I have been spending a bit of time using that mode of late and making a lot of contacts, however there seems to be no PSK activity on 4m.
So we arranged a sked and made a contact to what is my first ever PSK contact on 70 Mhz.
So here is the thing, as a test I used 70.2125 DIGI on my Yaesu FT-857D through my Spectrum Communications Transverter, so the question is as to what the correct PSK frequency should be??
Looking at the UK bandplan for 70 Mhz it shows 70.100 to 70.250, here in Ireland the band starts at 70.125 so maybe we could adopt 70.2125 as the PSK frequency???? If so I would like to call out and maybe make some more contacts using PSK31 on 70.2125. (any comments??)

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